Walkabouts: Informal Strolls with Marilyn through Places, Events and the Kitchen

By Marilyn Moss Rockefeller
Marilyn Moss Rockefeller

This column represents a series of essays about my experiences, including those collected about learning, cooking, sharing, and eating food. Memories of food cannot be disregarded in someone’s life, at least, not mine. My proclivity for the kitchen with its smells and warmth has played a prominent role in my life. And I like to eat. We go through phases influenced by growth, people, experiences, education; all which impacted me and changed my way of thinking. But the sharing of food with family and friends, intermingled with interesting conversation, and the exposure to new and exotic tastes, and the warmth around the table, and lastly, the preparation of a meal—all build lasting fond memories.

Some of the columns featured here will consist of short vignettes from Marilyn Rockefeller’s book, “Memories Of An Appalachian Childhood and Beyond.” She is also working on a biography about The Rt. Hon. Joyce Band, V.P. of Malawi, Africa, and a children’s book, “Gilda and Zoot.”

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