On the launching of a boat; in honor of the sloop Optomystic

By Kendall Merriam

We pray for wind

but not too much

more than a breeze

cut less than a sou'wester

having been in harbor

for less than a year

the caulking is done

the brightwork painted

the varnish redone

the sails bent

she's a beauty

I've looked at her a thousand times

probably more

and wondered how she'd heel

how she would do against her

port harbor mate Taber

tomorrow will tell

as sailors sip champagne

not smash against the bow

a terrible waste of Piper Heidsick

how many ships have set out

form Snow's shipyard

where this boat is so kindly placed

as a kid I played here

in the lumber yard

for the boats built

for the war and fishing

so much has changed, so little

sometimes we complain

of the view being blocked

but we wanted hulls and masts

that have shared the coast with lime

of East Thomaston

since 1975

long after all of us have gone

the harbor will be here between

Rockland and Owls Head

and we hope there will be other sailors

preparing vessels large and small

for the summer cruises

that bring us closer to the salt

from which we came

eons and eons ago

so when you see this charmer

headed out past the Rockland light

send out a little prayer

that she returns safely

with all the crew

and does so for thousands of years