Necessary Optometry Equipment-Flak Jacket

By Anthony Lee

As optometrists, we need special equipment to check eyes.  However, I must have missed the part about Flak Jackets when it comes to telling patients they need bifocals.  Well, lets be more specific.  I mean when telling your spouse she needs reading glasses.  The subject of getting older can be a touchy one, especially when you share living space with the person expecting you to fix it.

The truth is, as we all mature, we all will need to make compromises when it comes to our near vision.  Add to that, our digital age with phones, pads, etc, and it isn't hard to see that it isn't fun to deal with not seeing the things we need to in order for us to perform.

Fortunately, technology for dealing with this is getting better everyday.  No-line bifocal glasses, multifocal contacts, and now even multifocal implants for cataracts is making this transition easier for many people.  The key is to know your options, and to find someone that can connect you or expose you to that technology.

As for the Flak Jacket, I know someone that has firefighter turn-out gear, maybe I will give that try =) !



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