Meet our May Pet of the Month!

Name: Daisy


Daisy is a 3 year old mix breed dog, and definitely one of our most unique patients. Your guess is as good as ours as to what breed she is! Daisy was adopted by her family, the Mandy’s, in December of 2018 when she was a few months old. Before being adopted, Daisy did not have an easy road. She was a stray on the streets of Puerto Rico, and by chance brought to Augusta, Maine, where she found her forever home with the Mandy’s. Once they saw her profile in the shelter, they knew she was special, and upon meeting her, they knew she was the dog for them.


At first Daisy's owners were not sure how she would adapt to the Maine climate after coming from such a warm tropical area, but she settled right in and now playing in the snow is one of her favorite activities! Although living by the coast provides a lot of opportunity for swimming, Daisy would much prefer running in the snow or grass or playing with the neighbor dog Bayla than swimming. At only 20 pounds, Daisy is much smaller than her canine friend Bayla, but that doesn’t stop her from playing and roaming through the woods with her. Her favorite thing to do is walk through the neighborhood with Bayla and look for kids to play with or faces to lick.


After a day of playing, Daisy likes to relax by cuddling on the couch with her owners and their kids and begging for belly rubs and ear scratches. Her owners describe Daisy as “really the sweetest little girl, sensitive and playful to the core.” She is affectionately known as “Crazy Daisy, poocherino, pork chop, and snugs,” but the list is ever growing!


In January of this year, Daisy presented to the clinic with a depressed appetite and energy, and after a number of diagnostic tests and a few days of hospitalization at our clinic and the Midcoast Animal Emergency Clinic (MAEC), Daisy was diagnosed with Addison’s Disease. Addison’s is a hormonal disease in which the adrenal glands fail to produce hormones responsible for regulating many of the body’s processes. After receiving extensive treatment to recover from her Addisonian crisis, she is happily back to her old self and can resume begging for treats and having the same energy around her favorite humans. Her owners’ favorite quirk of hers is that upon hearing the word “treat,” she will spin around in a circle and tilt her head until she receives her reward.


Throughout Daisy’s hospitalization at our clinic and MAEC, we were all amazed at what a kind and gentle spirit she had despite how sick she felt. It was no question that she deserved recognition for being such a good girl. Thank you to Daisy for reminding all of us that even in the most difficult circumstances it is still possible to remain patient, compassionate, and understanding, and to the Mandy’s for being attentive and dedicated owners throughout Daisy’s diagnosis and treatment process.

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