Meet Our July Pet of the Month!

Goose is a 6 year old Australian shepherd mix breed who has been a bit of a regular at CHFA over the past few months, so our staff has gotten to know him quite well. Goose, who also responds to names such as Stinky, Roo, Goosey boy, and Bingo Bronson, has quite the personality both in and out of the clinic. He can be found chasing seagulls at the beach, digging impressive holes in the dirt, going for swims, and I’m sure his owners’ favorite, rolling in dead worms! If you see him and his owners drive by, make sure to wave, as Goose will be sticking his head out of the window no matter the season.


The Australian shepherd in Goose really shows when you throw a toy for him. His owners report that he will never stop! He loves to work so much that you physically have to take away the toy you’re throwing so he won’t work himself to death!  He is happy to run off leash on a hike, play tug of war, play with his frisbee or stuffed fox, or do any other activity involving work or helping his owners. Just like most humans, Goose’s attitude changes with the time of day. He is a total morning person, loving to climb under the covers with his owner and be tucked in with his head on his owner’s best feather pillow (see picture)!


In early April of this year, Goose came into the clinic in a very dramatic way, presenting with neurological issues as a result of a hypoglycemic episode. The cause of his episode is still unknown (he’s certainly not telling anyone), but luckily through receiving treatment at our hospital as well as the Midcoast Animal Emergency Clinic to return his glucose to a normal level, he was able to make a full recovery and steal our hearts in the process. Since his emergency, he has been on a very strict diet, but when he wasn’t, his favorite foods were rotisserie chicken, cheese, peanut butter and chips. He loved his human foods!


An interesting quirk that Goose has is his impeccable memory -- “he doesn’t forget anything” said his owner. When his owners leave him outside of a store instead of bringing him in to shop, he remembers the next time you pass that store and will grab the leash in his mouth and hurry you past it in hopes that he won’t be left again. Goose can be pretty naughty on the leash at times, but when he is allowed inside a store, he is always on his best behavior and very sweet to other shoppers.


He has taught his humans many lessons over the years, but when asked what they enjoy most about him, his owners said “he has taught us to live in the moment and appreciate the small joys in life. He’s also just a funny, weird guy and makes me laugh every day.” You couldn’t ask for much more in a companion, and we really couldn’t ask for a better patient!

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