Astrologically Speaking with Ananur

By Astrologer Ananur Forma

I am happy to share what I have learned and observed over the years with a focus on Astrological Wisdom. My studies began in Boston in 1973 with Isabel Hickey (Issie), Betty Caulfield, Tony Joseph, and whoever else was teaching a class or workshop in Boston, where I lived in the early 70's. Mostly I studied with Issie and attended her Friday Night Fix meditation group at Exeter Street and then at B.U. I have taught Astrology in Camden at Adult Ed. in the late 70's and also where I lived on Mill Street in Camden at that time as well. I have written for the Salt Water Trader out of St. George in the early 80's then the Free Press. I had a radio show in Rockland right on Main Street. Have taught workshops which include music from the 60's which relate to the signs and the planets to help teach feel move with the energies and make it fun and interactive. This column will be a sharing of information of where the planets are in relation to each other and potential circumstances based on the planets' positions. If you have questions please email me at I presently write a weekly column for the Free Press and I offer private confidential personal, astrological chart readings, based on your birth date, time of birth (hopefully you know it within 4 minutes) and the location of your birth. I hope to stay with Astrology until I'm in my 90's because I love it so much!

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