I'm the one on the right

By Dana Mosher
Dana Mosher is currently the Executive Director of the Belfast Area Chamber of Commerce and authors the weekly column, “ Minding Our Business” in The Citizen. Dana, who earned a Masters Degree in Social Work way back in 1978, and 20 years experience working in a heavy manufacturing environment, takes a look at business in Waldo County from the human experience. This is a refreshingly different perspective on people’s passions and interest and what drives folks to create a business that they just absolutely love! It’s not just about dollars and cents and making a profit ---it’s about the value of the work that business owner’s feel---and what they are contributing to the community. Dana has a light hearted manner in which he looks at the state of business in Waldo County ---from the corner grocery store to “big boxes”, from experiential art projects, to the art of boat building. Dana makes us chuckle, smile, and perhaps see a different side of what makes a business community tick!